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3 years ago

How to Get into Bitcoin & Crypto The Smart Way – Newbie Guide

So in this episode we share our experiences of getting into crypto as NEWBIES. Every Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency master had to start out as a newbie. In this podcast we outline a simple 7 step quick start guide that a beginner can follow. In the crypto space there is so much crap info, fake news & shit coin shilling that newbies can easily get lost in the overload. Hopefully this helps

How To Buy Bitcoin, Setup a wallet & Avoid Newbie Traps.

In the podcast above we cover these 7 crypto starter topics. Also included below are all the link to mentioned websites. This is a summary so make sure to listen to the entire episode to get all the little details.

  1. Setting up a dedicated browser – Setup a broswer or even better a computer dedicated to nothing but crypto
  2. Avoid the fomo – There is a lot of BS hype when it comes to crypto, so when you start stick with Bitcoin and the top ten coins until you learn and understanding. Don’t fall for hype on FB or a forums to convince you to jump all in on some random coin you nothing about. 
  3. Start small start smart – Basically start small and stick with the top 10 until you really understand the basics.
  4. How to purchase your first crypto – Here are links to the mentioned crypto on ramps
    1. Available in around 36 countries. This is where most newbies go to buy their first Bitcoin
    2.  For those that Coinbase is not available you can do P2p through this website.
  5. Understanding wallets – A must know if you intend on mastering Crypto safely
      1. Our favorite desktop software wallet. Ability to hold Bitcoin and multiple other popular coins. Never put too much money on an app wallet.
      2. Our favorite hardware wallet for the best security, we use Ledger Nano S

    Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

  6. Security security security – Never give anyone your private key & never store your private keys online. 
  7. Understanding Exchanges & Why there so many exchanges? – Too many to list,
  8. 2 cardinal rules of Bitcoin – Last but not least. You will have to listen to the podcast to to learn these 2 must know rules.

    Press play and lets jump into this crazy world of cryptocurrency & blockchain

3 years ago

Bitcoin & Alts Spiraling in an Endless Downward Trend – Enough Already!

When will it stop? The bear market just won’t go away. We all want to see Bitcoin & Alt coin do their crazy X multiplier like they did last year. It is coming, it always does. Historically BTC can do all of its gains for the year within a 10 day period. The question is will you be in when it does?

A little hungover from EDC, but never the less we have to get this crypto positivity going. Press play above and lets jump into today’s Ledger Gang podcast

Once Bitcoin Gets its Legs, It’s Gonna Be Big!

3 years ago

Bitcoin’s $83 Million Dollar Pizza’s 8th Anniversary

Yep $83,000,000 dollars is what someone paid for 2 Papa John’s pizza’s, If you count the value of Bitcoin today. Now if you want to buy 2 Pizza’s it would cost you roughly 0.0025 of a Bitcoin. It’s crazy to think it was only 8 years ago. That really is not that long ago.

Where will BTC be in 8 more years?

So lets just get into it. Hit that play button and lets talk crypto.

3 years ago

CoinBros, BTFD & John McAfee – This Started it all

We never imagined our first crypto music video would set off a chain of events like it did. It was definitely the timing. The crypto market was spiraling downward and Bitcoin was at around $6000 down from almost 20k. We threw together a quick rap video to remind ourselves that Bitcoin always makes big dips then catapults to new highs.

We named the song BTFD(Buy The F***ing Dip) which we recorded the day before we filmed the music video on our I-phone just cruising around our neighborhood in Las Vegas. We were just having fun with the lyrics and idea. We posted it on our Youtube channel with less then a 100 subs.

Enter John McAFee

At the time Taui was a big fan of John McAfee’s coin of the day, which turned into a big pump and dump festival. As a tribute we wrote a little verse about McAfee intot the song lyrics. On a longshot we DM’ed McAfee, and somehow he listened to it and loved the message. He shared it with his over 750k Twitter followers then within 7 days we had 2k subscribers and 100k listens. The rest is history

Long story short McAfee flew us out to record our next song “The McAfee Effect” but that’s another story for another time.

Here is the song that started it all.