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5 years ago

CoinBros, BTFD & John McAfee – This Started it all

We never imagined our first crypto music video would set off a chain of events like it did. It was definitely the timing. The crypto market was spiraling downward and Bitcoin was at around $6000 down from almost 20k. We threw together a quick rap video to remind ourselves that Bitcoin always makes big dips then catapults to new highs.

We named the song BTFD(Buy The F***ing Dip) which we recorded the day before we filmed the music video on our I-phone just cruising around our neighborhood in Las Vegas. We were just having fun with the lyrics and idea. We posted it on our Youtube channel with less then a 100 subs.

Enter John McAFee

At the time Taui was a big fan of John McAfee’s coin of the day, which turned into a big pump and dump festival. As a tribute we wrote a little verse about McAfee intot the song lyrics. On a longshot we DM’ed McAfee, and somehow he listened to it and loved the message. He shared it with his over 750k Twitter followers then within 7 days we had 2k subscribers and 100k listens. The rest is history

Long story short McAfee flew us out to record our next song “The McAfee Effect” but that’s another story for another time.

Here is the song that started it all.